How to solve Foxwell NT510 can not register?

UOBD2 customer service feedback: although most NT510 Scanner users operation no issure, he received a message saying “I am not able to register mine Foxwell NT510 OBD2 Scanner. The web site says my Serial Number does not exist. I went to the Update page, and this product does not exist. Only after going to the Product page was I able to find this scanner and I downloaded the foxwell Tools. I am not able to use this either because of “Network Error”. And… There was some mysterious USB drive included in the package that also does not work. I’m pretty sure I just installed Putin’s Democrat hacking software.”

First, please make sure the serial number and registered password are correct. Please pay special attention to letter “O” and number “0” and letter “I” and number “1” also. Even though there is a serial number on the back label, please always use the one you found by selecting Setup>About. What’s more,please pay much attention to the model number,the model number is BMW_MINI_Scanner_14020SCH,which should Consistent with serial number.

Foxwell writes “Please click the link below to download and install the latest version Foxscanner 7.60 from our website:

Up and running.
The newest version is required then is connects right away.
Put the sd card from the scanner into the USB adapter and plug into the PC. The Foxwell software will display what updates are available then updates the sd card. Put the sd card back in the scanner.

More information about Foxwell NT510 OBD2 scanner,visit website:


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OBDSTAR ET108 USB Inspection Camera introduction

OBDSTAR  ET-108 USB Inspection Camera, adopts flexiblewaterproof tube with HD camera to check the inner car situation which can’treached by human eyes, playing an important role in engine clean and maintenance.With ET-108 device, car problems can be quickly found and the machine damage indisassembly can be largely avoided.

More information about OBDSTAR ET108 Pls visit :

Article From OBDSTAR:


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Keydiy Mini KD Key Generator Vehicle Support List

Mini KD Keydiy Key Remote Maker Generator is a Remotes warehouse in your phone, support more than 1000 car remotes,Only 6s” needed to generate a remote key.Free updating forever.

Keydiy Mini KD Car Support List

Audi ,Baojun ,Bcahy ,Benjin Auto,  Benz , Besturn , BMW , BYD , Cadillac , Chang an , Changfeng Motors , Changhe,  Chevrolet ,  Chrysler , Citroen , Daihatsu , Dongfeng , Faw , Fiat , Ford , Garage ,  Geely ,  GMC ,Great Wall Automobile , HaiMa , Hawtai Motor , Honda ,  Hyundai ,  Isuzu Iveco ,  Jaguar ,  Jianghua ,  Kia ,  Land Rover ,  Lincoln ,  Mahindra ,  Mazda ,MG ,  Mitsubishi ,  Nissan , Opel , Peugeot  Citroen DS ,  Porsche ,Proton , Renault , Saipa , Samand ,  Seat ,Skoda , Ssangyong ,  Subaru ,  TATA , Toyota for Lexus , Volvo, VW, Zhongxing

More information pls visit OBD2 :


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Smart CN900 Mini Updater V1.8 Free download

Recently,Smart CN900 Mini key programmer update to v1.8,and now uobd2 enginner share its Updater file to you.And upgrade your Smart CN 900 MINI,it wiil be echanced better performance.OBD2

 Free download CN900 Mini Updater V1.8
Operating system: Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10

Different between Smart CN900 MINI and  CN900:
  1. ND900 is the China version CN900 car key copy machine. They perform same functions, differ in outlook. (PS, they use different 4D, 46 cloner box when copy 4D/46 chip).  So Mini versionCN900 is aboard version and mini nd900 is domestic version instead.VDM UCANDAS
  2. CN900 mini inherited most of CN900’s feature but mini one make car key copy more easierwithout connecting with 4D,46,G Decoder Cloner Box.
  3. Mini CN900 comes with built-in battery, do not need to attached to the power adapter.
  4. CN900 Mini support WiFi,Bluetooth and internet connection. The big size one do not support.
  5. CN900/ND900 Mini will replace big CN900 in the near feature.Vida Dice

Article from CN900 Mini:


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Launch EasyDiag 2.0 Plus Review

I love Launch EasyDiag 2.0 Plus smartphone diagnostic kit; it does everything you really need without spending $1000+ for a real scanner. This EasyDiag 2.0 came within 7 days. all is good, very happy with this kit a good investment.
Back to the Launch EasyDiag 2.0 PLUS Diagnostic Tool ($49.99 incl. shipping)
EasyDiag 2.0 Plus + OBD2 16Pin Male to Female cable ($54.99 incl. shipping)

– Bluetooth
– allow me to use it on either android or iphone
– It has the obvious generic code reader/scanner but it also does engine, ABS, SRS, transmission and also does live date and color graphing. It will show you fuel trims etc.

– Obvious ability to clear codes on all vehicle systems, interface is really easy to use too.
reset the airbag light on my BMW X3, after I register successfully, I can choose BMW car brand software (to diagnose ALL systems), anyway the software is pretty easy to set up, and within about 10 minutes i was in the car and managed to find a problem was a seat sensor which i had replaced and then cleared the codes. The airbag light & message is now gone from the dash.
 The ABS light on my Jetta was illuminated and now it is clear (thanks to this kit and a new ABS sensor).
– Diagnosed a check engine light in my Audi (it needed an O2 sensor) and the ABS light in my Mercedes E Class (needed an ABS sensor).
Very impressed with the vehicle coverage and what it can do.

More information aboout Easydiag pls visit OBD2 or X431 Tool website.


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Autel PowerScan PS100 Electrical System Diagnosis Tool (in Stock)

Autel PowerScan PS100 ebay / Amazon price over $70, and you could google and find many shops stock is unavailable. So pay less on a 10-year old famous shop is a reasonable choice.

Pros to have Autel PowerScan PS100 on

  • Stock Available
  • $69 only
  • 1 year warranty
  • Free after-sale tech support
  • Same functions to perform as you buy from ebay/ amazon.

Autel PowerScan PS100 capabilities (confirmed):
Performs every type of service including power injection, measurement, ground testing, polarity checks, continuity testing and components activation
Easy to read AVOmeter allows you to read voltage, current and resistance at the fingertip
With a flip of the power switch, you have an instant hot/ground lead for powering up electrical components like cooling fans, relays, etc.
Simultaneously uses the hot lead and the ground lead to activate components right in your hand
Instantly identifies positive, negative and open circuits
Tests for bad ground contacts instantly, allowing you to follow and locate shorts fast without wasting fuses
Instantly checks continuity of switches, relays and diodes.Autel DS808
Circuit breaker protected
Built-in Flashlight enables you to work in the dark
Audio tone indicator allows for no-look menu scrolling once users are familiar with menu tone assignment
20ft (extendable) cable provides excellent accessibility to test along the vehicle
Extremely easy to use and highly reliable

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OBDSTAR X300 DP VS XTOOL X100 PAD2 compare

In order to make you clear the difference between new arrival OBDSTAR X300 DP and XTOOL X100 PAD2, here give you a comparison table as below:



Operating System Android 5.1 Android 4.4
CPU Samsung Exynos4418 A9 industrial-grade processor Rockchip civil-grade processor
Storage space FLASH 16G FLASH 16G
Battery 7400mAh 4000mAh
Resolution 1280*800 1024*768
Screen size 7 inch 8 inch
HDMI Available Available
Communication Wire/Bluetooth Only wire available
WIFI Available Available
Dimension 215*147*30 240*177*24
Shell Three proofing and industrial-grade shell with rubber coating Civil-grade
One key upgrade Available Available
One key enter Available None
Database Built-in database Optional, pay extra
Technical support Expert service team  
Pincode inquiry 7*24 hours automatic inquiry is available for most pin code Manual inquiry
Fault diagnosis All systems diagnosis are included Only basic disgnosis for four systems


OBDSTAR X300 DP is superior to XTOOL X100 PAD 2 in many aspects, such as faster CPU, bigger RAM, long lasting battery and higher resolution.

OBDSTAR X300 DP has Bluetooth and One Key Enter functions while XTOOL X100 PAD 2 cannot support.

For OBDSTAR X300 DP it’s no need to inquiry pin code, but XTOOL X100 PAD 2 need inquiry manually.

And most important is that XTOOL X100 PAD 2 can only allow you to diagnose the basic four systems, but with OBDSTAR X300 DP you can diagnose all systems!

OBDSTAR X300 DP full package

Immobilizer+ odometer adjustment+ EEPROM/PIC adapter+ OBDII+ ABS+ TPS+ SRS reset+ TPMS(low tire)reset+ Steering angle reset+ CVT learning/Value reset+ EPB+ Oil/service reset+ Battery matching+ Diagnosis for Japanese and Korean serials (extra bonus function)

Article form OBDSTAR Blog : OBDSTAR X300 DP VS XTOOL X100 PAD2 comparison table


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Launch X431PRO & PRO3 Firmware Repair Guide

Step –by –step procedure on how to fix X431 PRO & X431 PRO3 Firmware.

The software should try and do this automatically after an update, when you go to diagnose a vehicle. If the DBS connector fails to connect to the tablet, or you need to manually do a “firmware fix” then follow these instructions to ensure the latest version of firmware is currently installed on the DBS connector;

Open the” Launch X431″ app
Tap the top left “three white lines” icon to open the side menu
Click on the Profile tab and then “Firmware Fix”
Firmware Fix screen will prompt instructions
Make sure DBS connector is connected to a vehicle with sufficient battery power
Firmware fix should have completed successfully.OBD2

If firmware fix did not finish or complete successfully, this means you already have the latest version of firmware, or you can try restarting the tablet and running through the “firmware fix” again.

Article from: Launch X431 Blog


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Launch M-Diag Lite Review diagnose Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram truck

Launch M-Diag Lite review for sharing: How I use Launch M-Diag Lite to quick test and scan all systems for Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram truck?Launch X431

Last month I came across this Launch M-Diag Lite Bluetooth OBDII Adapter for Android IOS, bought it $69.99 with free shipping and one free car software, I choose Chrysler.
Until yesterday I tested it on a 2010 Dodge Ram pickup, it seems good so far!
Below is my operating process. Sorry for the small pictures, I dont know why
First, I download the Launch M-Diag Lite app from Google Play Store.
Install it on my Android phone, no problem.
Find the OBD2 port below the steering wheel, above the brake pedal.
Plug Launch M-Diag Lite in Ram OBD2 port, I can see the blue and red indicators. It connects with truck OK!
Then I set my phone Bluetooth ON. And it asks me to turn car ignition on and make sure car is stop.
Its ready and show tip Diagnosis is starting.
After that I can open Chrysler software V30.90.
I click Automatically Search, it read out the car info.



Click System Scan to fully scan and check all systems status.
It starts to scan truck modules until 100% complete.




When finish, I click the PCM module and see Launch M-Diag Lite Plus Dodge Ram PCM menu:
Read& clear fault codes, read data stream, read config, actuation test and special reset, system test and OBD2 test.
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Renault Can Clip V167 Update + Download Link

Good news for sharing: Latest Renault Can Clip software update Renault Can Clip V167 is available to download here! Please enjoy at your own risk and hope it helps!

Free Download Renault Can Clip V167 mega:!IcwSVLTY!gXLAiI_Rt1gi49h51aPSee35t1IkwMiKK1Vy3YbDc8Q
NO pass
Link is tested working
Renault Can Clip software info
Version: V167
Year: 04.2017
Size: 1.84Gb
Type: Renault Diagnostic Tool.
Region: All Region
Language: English (Multilingual)
Developer: SPX
Platform: Win XP, Vista, Windows 7
Medicine: Present

Which interfaces are recommended for Renault Can Clip V167?
Renault Can Clip with AN2135SC AN2136SC (A Quality)
Renault Can Clip diagnostic tool (Best Seller, cheapest)
Other Renault Can Clip software updates info for you:
Download Renault Can Clip V166 here:!7cBVCSiS!SR_FluwN1PWoYc1KFp8vL7sAhMDAGfr8m1u1JxUfobY
Get Renault Can Clip V165 software CD tested 100% safe and working $9.9

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