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How to fix Carprog Clone LIB File Problem

Here is the working solution on Carprog clone “LIB file problem” by re-flashing Mcu ARM AT91SAM7S256 step by step.ECU Programmer Problem: Any work solution for carprog v8.21 clone? “Lib file problem. delete LIB file and make Update>-Internet” Solution: Yes, reprogram ARM … Continue reading

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How to solve Carprog full errors “Damaged parts -6 or 4”

These are customer solutions to Carprog full V7.28 errors “Damaged parts -6 or 4” with detailed information like “Damaged parts – ARM7 +4 ARM7(master mcu) can’t be replaced contact seller to repair your device.” Error: Damaged parts -6 Damaged parts … Continue reading

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How to use KESS V2 read Nissan Pathfinder YD25 ECU

Good news for sharing: Latest KESS V2 FW 5.017 with token reset button is now tested and released only $199 at China OBD2! Below tested KESS V2 FW 5.017 to read Nissan Pathfinder YD25 ECU via OBD OK! Connect KESS … Continue reading

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OBDSTAR VAG PRO Key Programmer Vehicle List

OBDSTAR VAG-PRO is a kind of professional handheld device mainly for VW, AUDI, SKODA, SEAT in programming and setting. OBDSTAR VAG PROG Key Porgrammer Special Function; 1. Mileage adjustment; 2. Read Security code; 3. Maintenance Reset ; 4. EPB(Electronic Park Brake); … Continue reading

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CARPROG Full ECU Chip Tunning Feedback

This post collects all of available customer feedback on CARPROG Full ECU Chip Tunning. Hope it helps! CARPROG works with both solution, odb and welding to read the EPROM. some airbag crash can be repaired by obd but in general we have to and passed by the box desoldering of EPROM. the advantage, it has a database of clear crash for some model, an original radio code generator; this is a good program to start. CARPROG full v7.28 with everything and explained in the software, and it comes with several connectivity number. As selecting a function that we want to use it tells us what connectors used. It is even illustrated with photos very nice. 2. For me, it’s not bad to begin with, the basic equipment (hot air station, flux pen, soldering iron with a fine tip) ismandatory to exploit 3. Beginners opt for CARPROG.It offers a lot of opportunity, it does not cover all but a good party. Simple handling,intuitive app. it is polivalent dash, immo, radio .. 4. I used to virginiser of BSI, I also managed to modify a 2002 vehicle en dash (just to test, Idelivered as it was before) I also managed to lire OF 5p08 (95p08) and write off properties not bad for beginners, less effective than XPROG or UPA but easier to use. good flash 5. Question: You have a merchant recommend? a Chinese version is it the case? Reply: They are well and have a very proper customer relationship Question: You mean the clone or the original? Because the budget is not the same … And the clone functionality level, we can estimate how many percent compared to the original (if quantifiable)? Gadget or good tool to start? Reply: It is 40% of the original on the radio codes ok but the dashboard there is not any lack of image the rest is a very fragile CARPROG use it after several silliness more communication with the interface, it must be used with a PC without internet with a stable and xp ca va … Super good tools began frankly I’m very happy easy to use but it’s still the lolll brol as a tool that makes several operations: -airbag -code radio -Immo -counter -ecu opel -some ePROM -some mcu (A tool that helps you one day is priceless …) This is from CARPROG website … Continue reading

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Which is Better FGTECH Galletto 4 V54, Kess V2 and Ktag

Some users are confused what’s better among FGTECH Galletto 4 V54, Kess V2 and Ktag? In order to help sort them out, UOBD2 engineer make a comparison table from the following aspects. Wish it can help you. Comparison List FGTech … Continue reading

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